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Lives Changed…Testify!

You simply have to “experience” Erica Porter! 

I can say Erica Porter is a great trainer, a great fitness instructor, a great motivator, a great advisor, great at inspiring, great at dispensing nutritional information, all of which is very true. However, these are inadequate understatements, as the essence of what she has come to mean to so many of us is hard to articulate in words. You simply have to “experience” Erica Porter! (Actually, she should be an Epcot exhibit – the Erica Porter Experience.) Erica is the total package and the real deal – both as a fitness professional and a human being. She walks the talk (I mean, have you seen her?) but also has an innate ability and empathy to work with you from wherever you are, without negative judgment or criticism, always constructively and respectfully pushing you toward meeting whatever the goals are that you have set for yourself, whether you are an exercise novice or an elite athlete or something in between. She truly gets to know “her people” (we’re kind of a cult following) and what we are capable of and pushes us to progress in such a way that I try never to give anything less than what I am capable of in that minute. Then, she pushes you harder, because she knows exactly what you can do and that you can do more. After working with her the last few years (and hopefully for many more to come!), in the best way possible, she makes me think about choices I make in so many aspects of my life, not just in the gym. How we treat ourselves carries over into how we treat others, and vice versa, and Erica Porter embodies this. Once you meet her, and if you are fortunate enough to spend time with her on a regular basis, it is impossible not to walk away impacted by her enthusiasm for life, positivism, infectious personality, drive, passion for fitness and health, and her genuine belief in the power of what “her people” can do. Lately, when I’m frustrated about something or confronted with a challenge – whether it’s getting to the gym or turning down my second (ok, third) glass of pinot noir – my husband will say to me: “What would Erica do?” See you at IIT!

-Tricia M., Richmond

I feel better, stronger, and more confident about myself. I have achieved things that I never thought possible.

Erica is the type of person who has that certain charisma that very few people have. The first time I met her, I was intimidated by her, but I knew she was unique and something special- that deep down, that attractive, bad a&$ self of hers, is a down to earth, loving, caring person with a heart of gold. Erica to me, is the definition of a beautiful, strong, independent woman. The first day I took her I.I.T. class, I thought I was not gonna make it to the end…literally! I always thought to myself, “I am never gonna make it, I cannot do this”. Though hesitant, scared, and nervous; week after week I would go back and take her class, fully aware that my butt would get kicked BIG TIME. I have been taking I.I.T for almost 2 years now, and I am PROUD to say that through Erica’s encouragement and belief in me, I feel better, stronger, and more confident about myself. I have achieved things that I never thought possible. She has taught me to not only love my body, but love myself as well. I have learned so much from Erica. She is the best motivator, and she knows how to encourage, and bring out the BEST in anyone. I am very fortunate to have someone like her in my life. She is indeed a blessing to me, and anyone who meets her or has known her.

So THANK YOU, Erica..for being YOU! Continue to do what you’re doing, because you have already helped and “porterized” so many of us, in so many ways. XoXo


But, something happened during and right after that class…I became very addicted.

It all began about 2 years ago. I was at the gym getting ready to start working out when a guy who worked there mentioned IIT. I asked if it was challenging, and he said it was and that I should try it out. So, I did.

Before the class started, I was thinking that it wouldn’t be that hard because I’m in really good physical shape. Then, I saw Erica for the first time…and immediately began comparing my arms to hers, LOL. About 5 minutes later, we started. I was already getting winded…during the warm-up! It was then I wondered what I had gotten myself into. But, something happened during and right after that class…I became very addicted. Now, I’m in even better shape.

On a personal note, I’ve grown to like Erica a lot. She’s a great woman with a huge heart and passion for helping people become fit and healthy. I have tremendous respect for her. And, she was the one who finally got on me about my crappy eating habits…now I eat more fruits and vegetables…even though I do a good deal of cheating…sometimes pastedGraphic.pdf😉


It’s OK not to be perfect, although I feel perfect every time I accomplish the class. 

Hello WORLD!! Let me start off by saying how great and beautiful I feel today!!

I’m a young 24 year old LATINA, who considers health a huge priority in my life. But food is always a tempting obstacle that not always benefits our bodies, especially mine since I like to cook- and if its fried, even better! Therefore, I gained and gained and gained weight…worst than the rise of gasoline prices. I was so concerned and did not know where to start on my “diet”. I made excuses and was ignorant regarding my health situation. I was so disappointed and just didn’t really care, like I used to. Everybody in my family started to tell me how “ Hermosa” I was- although the word “Hermosa” in Spanish means beautiful, it’s really a nice way of saying “FAT” from where my family is from in Central America. I had always been really athletic, even though I have asthmatic bronchitis and have to carry an inhaler around the gym (that’s still not an excuse). I recently started going to the gym again and got invited to attend a class, which I heard was quite difficult. So, I thought to myself “hmmmm…. I’ve gained 20 pounds and of course losing it is not going to be easy, and  I deserve the punishment”. This class I attended is out of this WORLD! Why do I say that? Because there is no gravity, not everything that goes up comes down! I’m putting my body and taking my body places it’s never been. I love everybody in my IIT class. And it’s OK not to be perfect, although I feel perfect every time I accomplish the class. I’ve lost 15 pounds, and I can actually see myself in a mirror again. I feel awesome! I have an fantastic fitness teacher (that I have no idea why I LOVE her, Shout out to her woot woot Erica!! ) and she encourages me every half of a second. Love yourself, appreciate your body and thank God your alive each day. But most important take care of yourself and exercise as much as you can, and you wont regret going to Starbucks every once in a while.


I am not done with achieving my goals and this is just the beginning for me…

Over a year ago I was stuck in a plateau with trying to lose weight. I was training for a 10k and running 2 -3 miles every morning and the weight was just not coming off. It was suggested I try out this Intense Interval Class called I.I.T. I tried it and fell in love. Erica encouraged and motivated me. I was addicted. About 2 months later I broke my toe. I stopped going to class and as the healing time passed I became less enthused. I gained some weight back and after 4 months of totally avoiding the gym and Erica, out of shame I came back on a Sunday morning where I thought I would avoid running into her. To my astonishment she had begun a Sunday morning class and I got caught red handed. She approached and asked what had happened to me.  She remembered my name! I was embarrassed at my regression. She said why don’t you come back to class and I responded that I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep up. That was absolutely absurd to her. That next day was October 31, 2011. I remember this day vividly, not only because it was Halloween and ironically her birthday but it was the first day of my “lifestyle change”.

From that day on I made a commitment to myself to actually be consistent in working out and watching what I eat. Erica has been a major promoter in helping me with this change, although she says it is all me! Her classes are group classes but you feel as if you are an individual with the way she runs around and individually encourages you and make sure you have the proper form. Proper form before speed or weight she says! She will give you different modifications if you need more or if you don’t think you can do it, however she encourages that you at least try the move before saying that you cannot do it, or if you have an injury because you may be prone to hurting yourself like me.  She knows your strengths and weaknesses. She pushes you when you need it and tells you to slow down when you go overboard. She genuinely cares. She takes time after class to speak personally to us when needed. She motivates and encourages us with our outside of her class activities, like 10ks, mud runs, half and full marathons with “You can do it!” and “Congratulations!” texts and shout outs.

Here it is a year later. I am 35 pounds lighter, toner, and so much happier physically and mentally! I am not done with achieving my goals and this is just the beginning for me and having Erica by my side I have stayed consistent and focused through a year’s worth of obstacles and setbacks.

-Christina L, Richmond, VA

I have been taking fitness classes for years and nothing compares to the results…

“I rank Erica Porter with stellar marks for professionalism, compassion and overall health knowledge. She is motivating, challenging and upbeat.  Her passion is evident in the workouts she creates.  She has something for everyone, from the beginner to the advanced athlete.  I have been taking fitness classes for years and nothing compares to the results I’ve seen since training with Erica.  Her intense interval training format has improved my overall sport performance especially with running and biking.  If you want a program that works, I highly recommend Erica Porter.”

-Lauren, school teacher

I discovered the athlete in me that I never knew.

I have known Erica for almost 2 years now. Like many others, I had been exercising regularly before I met her, but without the focus and the right variety of exercise that she has provided. Meeting Erica has truly been life changing for me, so much more than I had expected when I walked through the GGX door over a year ago. Taking her I.I.T. class for the first time was an unforgettable experience. It was the toughest exercise I had ever done! I truly did not think I would survive the entire hour, let alone come back for another class. But I survived, and I have been coming to her class for almost 2 years now. Erica believed in me when I doubted myself. She encouraged me to take on new challenges, conquer my fears, and pushes me beyond what I think my body is capable of doing.

Erica provides diverse training methods, individualized exercises and challenging, yet achievable goal. Her professionalism, extensive knowledge and enthusiastic commitment to her work, and ultimately to us, creates the perfect formula for success.  Because of her consistent support and encouragement, I am stronger mentally, emotionally and physically. She has empowered me to dig deeper into myself, to take control of my environment and love my body. She has taught me to set a foundation for a new, healthier lifestyle.

I am genuinely grateful to have been blessed with the opportunity of knowing you, Erica! I look up to you and admire you for the amazing individual that you are. Because of you, I discovered the athlete in me that I never knew. Thank you and I love you!

-z3n, nurse

I used to wear a size 13 pants, now I’m down to a size 9.

I started IIT with Erica Porter in April of this year weighing 193 pounds; I am currently down to 168. I used to wear a size 13 pants, now I’m down to a size 9. I remember starting her class in April and not being able to do ten push-ups and not being able to jog without getting winded. Now I can do at least 50 push-ups per class and have built up to run ten miles.

Erica’s class is addicting and makes you want to workout because you will feel an increase in your energy levels and see the results with weight-loss. Erica knows each one of us by first name and will make sure you push yourself…no excuses. Erica has turned my life around completely. If you are ready for a life changing experience, I highly recommend this class. I am proof that with hard work and Erica on your side, your life will change for the better.


Who’s better than us?!? NOBODY!!

I had always been very active growing up, playing sports, particularly basketball, throughout my school years and into college. Once out of college, I began to gain weight and quickly realized I couldn’t continue eating the way I had when I played basketball. My fitness lifestyle transformation started in february 2011. Eight months later I was down 30 lbs, but started to plateau. I had so much more energy and confidence, but I felt like I had hit a wall with my workouts. It was then I started working at Gold’s Gym Arboretum. After getting used to working two jobs, I quickly got back into working out. Someone had mentioned a class called IIT and spoke of how crazy it was. I thought to myself intense interval training? Hmmm, I was in the best shape I’d been in since college, so why not see what this class was all about. Erica walked in and at that moment I knew this was going to be hard. I’ve taken plenty of classes: body pump, kick boxing, yoga, Pilates, and NOTHING, I mean NOTHING, could have prepared me for what was about to happen. Within 5 minutes I was sweating so hard and started to question what I had gotten myself into. My pride is very high and so of course I couldn’t walk out of a class, although after every exercise I would tell myself never again will I step foot in here. After class I spoke with Erica and after telling her I didn’t know if I was ready for this, she reassured me yes I was and that this was exactly what I needed. Here I am 1 year later and I’m in the absolute best shape of my life. Week in and week out I get my booty handed to me with a bunch of people who over time have become much more than my friends, and to watch so many of their transformations, including myself, is a beautiful thing. I can honestly say I’m 100% addicted and couldn’t be more happy. It is amazing to me to see how strong we all have become and are only getting stronger. Erica Porter has helped so many and changed so many lives. I wish her nothing but success and happiness as she continues touching lives & teaching so many people. I feel so blessed to call someone like her my friend. She is one of the most compassionate, caring, educated and motivated individuals I’ve ever met. Thank you Erica Porter for changing my life for the better!! Who’s better than us?!? NOBODY!!

-Valerie P.

Anyone looking to get the edge on life…Erica is the Life Coach you would want in your corner.

WOW Wrestling Star Jungle Grrrl’s newest venture…her own book promotion. Erica has just completed a multi-market promotional tour, taking her from New York, and even to Indianapolis last week with a stop today in LA to promote her book – Anyone looking to get the edge on life…Erica is the Life Coach you would want in your corner. It’s a great book from a person that knows how to get positive results. Hat’s off to a great champion…Way to go Erica!!

-David McLane

The benefits derived from my personal training with Erica exceeded all my expectations.

I began personal training with Erica Porter in June 2001 following knee surgery to replace an anterior cruciate ligament, which was the second surgery to that knee in a 10 month period, and continued training with her until the end of 2004. The main initial focus of the training program Erica devised for me was to restore strength and stability to my knee so that I could resume activities such as skiing and running, which I was successful in doing.

My knee continued to be a focus throughout the time I trained with Erica, but the training program she devised encompassed and achieved much more. She identified exercises and routines specific to my physical and lifestyle needs that significantly improved my overall strength, endurance, balance and general well being. Erica always took a great interest in the impact of diet on training goals and, given her knowledge in this area, provided sensible and workable advice that contributed greatly to the overall benefits of the training program.

The benefits derived from my personal training with Erica exceeded all my expectations. Furthermore, based on my experience with various other trainers before and after my time with Erica, I can say without doubt that she is exceptionally dedicated, talented, and skilled and in her chosen field.

-D Davies, Manhattan Beach, CA

I can’t help but think you’re going to be a major powerhouse in business. 

IT’S really amazing all that you’re taking on. I’m enjoying the book so far. I have to read and think, it’s not like a fast novel. You really put a lot of work into this. I chuckled at the acknowledgements about your mom. We all have such quirky funny relationships with our moms. Glad your dad championed you on. A book and editing is really something in itself without doing all that you’re doing. I can’t help but think you’re going to be a major powerhouse in business.

You’ve really pulled off quite a feat with all that you’ve done/do, while still maintaining all that energy to do each aspect of selling a book. Whoa! I mean simply WRITING a book is a lot of work!

-Erika, San Francisco

Her consistent efforts to empower the lives of others are undoubtedly at the forefront of contributing to a healthier America.

WITH an enthusiastic approach to helping people change their lives, Erica Porter set out with great ambition to connect with our members. Erica is passionate about effecting change through self-empowerment and positive thinking. Her example of the ‘monkey’ on the back is easily relatable to the many facets of our lives, even beyond the exercise environment. Long lasting lifestyle changes is the emphasizing approach to taking the first step now. She offers the support and guidance to make smart choices while enjoying the process. Her consistent efforts to empower the lives of others are undoubtedly at the forefront of contributing to a healthier America.

-Elizabeth Emmerich, Associate Director of Health, Wellness & Group Exercise Shih Yu-Lang Central YMCA

Thank you for being the best of the best and I can’t wait to read your second book! 


I really enjoyed learning how to jump-start my health. You gave very practical advice on ways I can take control of the way I want to look. It is refreshing to listen to someone who believes in and lives fitness. I can carry this book with me during my travels for quick tips. Thank you for being the best of the best and I can’t wait to read your second book!

-Sheila Wiley, Los Angeles , CA

SHE is like a shot of B-12 right to the ass. 

I had the pleasure of listening to Erica when she visited my company. We have had speakers/motivators come in before and I left feeling the same as when I walked in. Not with Erica. I’m not sure that what she said was that different than others in the past, but what I do know is that it struck a chord and left me questioning and challenging my life as I never had before. Brutally honest, yes. Incredibly passionate, without a doubt. Compelling, most certainly. Emotionally vulnerable, oh man. Erica must have passed out 10 bulk-sized boxes of tissues. I want to thank her for creating a shift, igniting something deep within. My life has forever been changed, or maybe I should say, I have awakened.

SHE is like a shot of B-12 right to the ass.

-Kristen Shipman, Redondo Beach, CA

There’s always that feeling of being pushed to your limit. That’s the one thing I always thought would go away when working out. Like, “one day, this will be easy.” One day, I will be the ephemeral “fit.” But I now realize that I’ve got to drop this idea of “finally achieving fit.” And I don’t need it anymore. I don’t want “easy.” I crave that challenge. I’ve been conditioned to need it. As Erica would say, it tells me I’m alive.

A few days ago I ran a Half Marathon in the town I grew up in. I stayed with my father the night before. He picked me up from the airport, drove me to registration, and woke up at 5am on race day to make me my morning coffee. We drove into the city at dawn, and waited an hour in the freezing cold for the race to start. Pictures were taken, cheering was done, and he kept telling me how proud he was of me, which, frankly, surprised the hell out of me. But, I suppose if the last physical event I had seen myself compete in was Field Hockey my senior year of high school…I’d be pretty proud of me too; considering that was about 15 years ago. But I’ve been living with personal fitness being a part of my life for years now. And although I haven’t run more than 12 miles before, I knew I could do this, and do it well. We all have our personal journeys, I suppose. Insecurities, setbacks, health issues, or head issues. Things that get in the way of us finding out that the idea of “I can’t,” doesn’t necessarily have to exist. When I was a teenager, like so many girls of the 90’s, I was always thinking about how I could get thin. I participated in sports, tried weight watchers, ate rice cakes for lunch, and dabbled in eating disorders. I took up smoking to lose weight, (and to be cool,) but neither really panned out. I was getting chubby, and when I tried lifting weights at home, I just got bigger. My mom would say to me, “stop lifting weights, you are getting man shoulders.” Oh the horror! Sports ended after High School, and although I walked most of my college career, not having a car in a big city, I still didn’t spend much time running, jumping, or doing any activity whatsoever. I am all too familiar with the uncomfortable space of time where you are trying to decide if you should lie about “how much do you exercise” on your doctor’s yearly questionnaire…I mean, does carrying groceries count? After college I would get hand me down videos from my sister from time to time. Some 10 minute or less workouts, mostly for your abs and butt, because we all used to think that if you wanted a flat tummy, you just needed more sit-ups. Something hit me at around age 25. I was in a terrible relationship, and was looking for something that I could do to better myself. I wanted something selfish to do, that had nothing to do with taking care of anyone else. I was tired of focusing my attention elsewhere. I decided that if I wanted to better my life, I might as well start bettering myself, in the most obvious way I knew how. So, I gathered up my hand-me down videos and got to work. There was a lot of sweat, wheezing, and terrible groaning. I was a frizzy-haired mess. But after I started to memorize the routines, I would put my Fleetwood Mac on in the background and let some “Gold Dust Woman” inspire me to keep on keeping on. A few months go by. My tapes are so worn out, they are starting to skip. It might be time for some DVD’s. In between, I break up with my terrible boyfriend. I graduate to Denise Austin’s workouts and start taking Pilates classes at a local school 2 nights a week. I had quit smoking, and found out I had asthma. Sounds like a perfect time to start running, doesn’t it? I run around the block, and get plantar fasciitis. My lungs feel like they will explode. I wake up every morning, massaging my feet. Since I cannot run, or jump around to Denise’s cardio, I keep with the Pilates and The Firm’s abdominal and butt portfolio. You can always use more butt work, I always say. I try to run again, but I find out plantar fasciitis sucks, and takes forever to heal. I try to run every morning, until one day, I can make it around the block again. I start waking up at dawn, every morning, and seeing if I can run/jog/walk a little further each week. Eventually, I’m running what I think might be a mile or two. I feel AWESOME. So proud. I must be getting fit! I can run, and I’m doing Pilates, and I must be getting into such great shape! A year goes by, and I decide to take a Group Exercise class at my friend’s gym. I fall in love. I am sweating, dying, and need my inhaler twice. Now if I could only do THIS, THEN I will REALLY be fit! A few months later, I break down and join my own gym. I nearly puke in the parking lot, before I’ve even walked through the door. I was about to enter my first group fitness class, ALL BY MYSELF. Terrifying. I go in, and proceed to sweat my butt off, and have an amazing time. There’s loud music, a colorful disco ball, and I can barely make out my movements in the mirror. Oh the anonymity of it all! Plus, it doesn’t feel too bad throwing punches at an invisible ex, or even myself from time to time. A year later, I’m asked to take classes to become an instructor at my gym! NOW, if I can only get certified…now THEN I’ll REALLY be fit! All instructors must be fit! I get certified and feel like a champ. I know I’m one of those instructors that looks like, “normal people,” and I’m proud for all the curvy ladies out there. Somehow, all along the way, I started hiking. Just for fun camping trips at first, with short walks in, and lakes full of snakes and leaches to swim in. I was fearless, I was excited, and I loved the feeling of moving forward, without worrying about anything but keeping one’s step. Eventually, I graduated from small hills to high peaks. I would get on a trail and never want to stop moving my legs until I was breathing in the clouds. And then I’d catapult downhill. Best hangover medicine on the block; for any vice; alcohol, sad days…whatever. I get a new job that moves me away from my classes, friends, and beloved mountains. I am saddened by their absence. My new position at work takes me up and down the east coast. I spend much of my time traveling, and struggling to pay my rent in a new city. So, not being able to afford a gym membership, I run on treadmills at hotels, or in my new city…when I get the chance. The year goes by, and I start to see the effects of stress, poor time management, and terrible eating habits. I’m gaining weight, losing muscle, and losing steam. Finally, I decide I may need a gym again. The accountability of it all is undeniable. Classes that keep you there for an hour at a time, and treadmills at the ready when it’s too cold and rainy to run outside. I start taking classes, running more in my city, and feeling like my old self again. Then I move a couple more million miles away…or at least a few hours. And I join a new gym right away. I know I can’t afford to delay, as I’ve just gotten myself back in the swing of things. I walk into a new class called “IIT” with Erica. I think, and I have to admit this, rather self-righteously, “I don’t know what this is, but I’m sure I’ve totally got this.” 10 minutes later I was puffing on my inhaler, (that I thought I didn’t need anymore,) and 20 minutes after that I was pretending to puff on my inhaler because I couldn’t possibly move another step, and I’d already taken like 5 water breaks. I didn’t think I could set foot in that room again. A year later, I run into this class whenever I get the chance. When I’m on the road for work, I try to find ways to incorporate a workout into my hectic schedule. I travel with bands and hand weights, and do the EatThatMonkey.tv workouts; nothing encourages you to “land soft” more than a workout with burpees at midnight. As new posts come up, I know I’ve got something fun and challenging to try on my next trip. I’ve even starting running new trails when I’m on the road. I listen to music, run through the woods, and focus on my feet. One foot, in front of the other. Breathe in, breathe out. Relax your shoulders, soften your step. Run smooth. My “Monkey” workouts are the next step for me, but they never stop being hard. There’s always that feeling of being pushed to your limit. That’s the one thing I always thought would go away when working out. Like, “one day, this will be easy.” One day, I will be the ephemeral “fit.” But I now realize that I’ve got to drop this idea of “finally achieving fit.” And I don’t need it anymore. I don’t want “easy.” I crave that challenge. I’ve been conditioned to need it. As Erica would say, it tells me I’m alive.

-Chris, VA…Baltimore…CT 🙂


I have had the privilege of being a part of Erica Porter’s IIT classes for probably two yrs now. First of all, Erica is one of those people who don’t take themselves too seriously, although she does take what she is doing very seriously, and this is,in my opinion, an attribute of all great people. Great people are humble and realize they are vulnerable but they are confident in their strength at the moment.She is the most unimportant/important person you ever want to meet. When u are participating in her class you will notice she is mindful of everyone in the room and she even knows when you are resting during a workout interval even though she has her back turned to you. She puts a great amount of effort into diversifying the workouts so that no matter how good a shape I find myself in, there will be a point where I will struggle. Like she says’ ‘it’s never easy, but it gets easier’. If you participate in her class even a few times she knows your weaknesses and strengths and she will challenge you to improve even if you think that’s not possible.I have learned quite a bit about fitness, flexibility, nutrition and coffee from her.We are fortunate to have her here in Virginia at Golds and we hope she doesn’t leave, cause if she ever does————- we might have to all pack our bags, get tye dyed tank tops, take all the purple dumbells out of the gym (of course we’ll pay them) get on the biggest bus u ever saw in your life and follow her around like the Grateful Dead or something. So we won’t be DEAD HEADS or PARROT HEADS we’ll be PORTERHEADS!

2. ‘COME ON———–‘

jOHNNY-Richmond, VA

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