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Erica D Porter


Tabata Love 50


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Deeeeeeeee-Licious Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

Easy and Delicious Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

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Time to Bridge the Gap

Got Monkey?
Eat That Monkey’s focus this month is to make health our #1 priority and ask ourselves, “How differently would I eat, drink, exercise and act if I thought of my body as a temple, precious and valuable?”

How do you achieve Success? Do the easy things. Success is neither magical nor mysterious. Success is the natural consequence of consistently applying the basic fundamentals. What IS difficult is heart attack, liver failure, diabetes, high blood pressure, dieting, disappointment; that is hard.

Everything we would ever need to become successful is within our reach. The major reason that so few take advantage of being successful is simply, neglect. The Easy things are also easy Not to do.


So when given the choice of “easy to” or “easy not to” do, what will you choose? Because that choice could potentially be life-changing.

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Balance Happens


An even distribution of weight enabling someone or something to remain upright and steady.”slipping in the mud but keeping their balance”
synonyms: stability, equilibrium, steadiness, footing “I tripped and lost my balance”

Stability of one’s mind or feelings.”the way to some kind of peace and personal balance”

A condition in which different elements are equal or in the correct proportions.”overseas investments can add balance to an investment portfolio”

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Perfectly you.

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I Share the Same Sentiment…Shared Post

You do not need to be a CrossFitter to appreciate the sentiment in this post. A great read.

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I want to look GOOD!


I think exercise is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself. There is no greater FEELING in the world. Feeling! When you workout without mirrors and are forced to feel…man oh man…YESSSSSSSS!!!!!!!! In that moment, it doesn’t matter what you look like. You are one with the music, the room, the energy…that’s what exercise is suppose to be. Lose yourself in the moment and know that right then, you are amazing. In that moment…all things are possible.

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3 for 10

Do One or All 3. Strength and Cardio Combo.

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Why Eat That Monkey? Why Endorphasm?

The Endorphasm Mission:
Each day, it is our mission to create a fitness environment that brings you closer to your soul. An environment that strips away the bullshit, sharpens your mind and body focus, allows you to reach beyond your perceived limitations and accomplish your goals.

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9 Minute Quickie

When you’re pressed for time…all you need is 11 minutes (9 minutes of work, 2 minutes of rest time).

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Do Epic Shit.


Some Workouts to keep you moving. Not sure what something is, leave a comment.

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Make the Decision to Be Amazing


Make the decision to make life amazing!

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Be Determined. Focus.


That Why is greater than a second glass of wine? That why is greater than the snooze button? That why is greater than any excuse you can possibly come up with as to why you didn’t! That why is what drives you, motivates you, changes you, makes you successful.

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Get to Workin

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How to Tell if You Really Give a Shit

Conclusion, if you post about not giving a shit…that means you DO give a shit.

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Give Thanks to Your Body…Traveling Workouts

Do One or Mix and Match a Few: Repeat for 15 min 10 Push ups 15 Squats 20 Jump Rope 5 Rounds 50 Mountain Climbers 40 Sit Ups 5 Rounds 20 Walking Lunge 20 Push Ups 10 Burpees 20 Squats 30 Push Ups 10 Burpees 40 Sit Ups 50 Jump Rope 60 Mountain Climbers 30 […]

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Get a FUC*@&$ Life!

Kim Kardashian. Now that name elicits some pretty strange emotions from people. Why? I haven’t the faintest.

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Good Old Fashion Leg Beat’n

Diezel Drenched with an emphasis on legs


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The Way of The Spartan…Joe De Sena Great Quote!

Joe De Sena “…I realized it was time to start losing some of the things that are non-core – distractions that are easy to get sucked up in. Money, cars, none of it matters if you don’t have time. So if that’s taking time from me, then who gives a fuck if I sell it? I need to get my time back.”

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MoveIIT…No Excuses!

45-60 minutes of pure oh yeah Fitness!

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Beets & Raspberries…Make 4 Delicious Muffins!

Breakfast Is Served!!!

Beets and Raspberries

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What Is Your Purpose?

We are all individuals first. My purpose became clear far before I decided to be a mother. And being a mother doesn’t change that purpose…it just makes it so much more profound.

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All About the Bass…I Don’t Think So!

…not my place to judge. I have my own complexities in life. The person we most need to accept is our SELF. When that happens, it’s pretty easy to be accepting of other. You feel me?

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Diezel Drenched 50


The Diezel Drenched 50

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Happiness Is Health

You get one chance at this thing called life…choose to live happy and healthy!

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A Whole Lotta Jump Rope…60 Minutes Cardio

You Need a Jump Rope and Dumbbells.
A Whole Lotta Jump Rope

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6 X 8 Intervals


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Starting is exciting. Maintaining can be a challenge. The reward is greater than anything else.

Here are some quick bursts of Hell Yeah! My classes go an hour, but you can go as long as you like.

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Endorphasm Grand Opening

Endorphasm Grand Opening!!


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Intervals 90

Feel Free to Contact Me if you’re not sure of something.

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4th of July Special


Go Balls to The Walls!

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Who Are You?

As I wrote this short blog…I just kept thinking…Who is your Daddy and What Does He Do????

Name that movie!

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How Do You Wish to Be Remembered?

When people remember you NOW or after you’re gone, do you want them to remember your body fat percentage or your character?

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Take your pick and get a workout in!

I have to be careful, my assistant is going to take my job!

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I Should Open My Own Restaurant Chicken Bowl

This is an eat right away dish…De-lish!

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Finding peace can be an extensive process.

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HELLO OUT THERE….it is Not normal or wise to drop 25 pounds a week? What’s wrong with losing a pound a week? Did you gain 25 pounds in a week? There is reasonable weight loss, and there is unreasonable weight loss. I am not a fan of the weight loss industry: diet programs, pills and […]

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In a Perfect World

Complete transparency…honesty. You don’t need a journal to know you could make better choices.

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Here are several different workouts to try this week. Not sure of a move? Leave a comment and I’ll explain in detail.

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Gotta love Vince!

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Porter’s Filthy 50


This Intense Interval Workout can take anywhere from 40 minutes – 90 minutes depending on sprint length, level of fitness and push.

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Cheesy Baked Chicken Florentine Pasta

A Whole Meal in one. Not a low-calorie dish, so mind your portion size.

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4 Rounds of Intense as You Want!

You can make this super intense or modify for your fitness level. Jump for more power, step for less intensity. Your workout…make it what YOU need.

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Climbs and Thrusters

You will need specialized equipment for this one. Climbing rope and Weighted Barbell.

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Not Your Mama’s Burrito!

I love all in one meals. No need for sides.

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Breakfast…Not Oatmeal…Quinoa

Make a Breakfast Change with Quinoa.

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Beauty Cannot Be Eaten

Oscar Winner Lupita Nyong’o’s Speech On Beauty. Worth the 5 minutes.

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